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Reindeers, huskies, open fire coffee. And silence.

These are a few of our favourite things. We specialise in highly crafted experiences for the discerning traveller (who has had enough of blasé group tours, spending weeks fussing over that perfect itinerary, and wondering where the best kept secret spots are).

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All-Inclusive One-Stop Concierge Service

Your only "job" is to enjoy. We cover everything else.

"WOW" Accommodation
Handpicked boutique and design-driven luxury accommodation that makes for the perfect retreat after a day of exhilarating activities.
Cultural Authenticity
Our deep partnerships with local stakeholders and vendors ensure cultural authenticity and genuine hospitality of your trip.
Expert Curation Itinerary
Our team of trip planners have personally tried and tested every item on the itinerary. Only extraordinary experiences make the cut.

Cosy up in luxury villas set in little-known arctic wilderness

Stay in one of the top 20 winter destinations in the world rated by The Times.
Where untouched nature meets with all-inclusive comfort.
Warning: So gorgeous and cosy you may not want to step outside.

A winter platter of experiences berry-picked just for you.

  • Snowshoeing in pristine powdery snow
  • Snowmobile safari in frosty wilderness
  • The most Instagrammable winter spots
  • Campfire grill under Northern stars

Wait, what? Coffee with Santa at his home?

How does having coffee and home-baked apple pie with Santa himself at his private residence sound? Enjoy exclusive experiences of a lifetime not available elsewhere.

* Yep, Santa is on our speed dial.

Health, wealth, & love will come to those who see the Aurora Borealis.

According to old Finnish beliefs, the Northern Lights bring good luck. In Lapland, the Northern Lights reveal themselves in their full glory as early as August and up to 111 days per year. There's no better place to get lucky.

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